School Of ICT

You will often hear people saying the World is going digital and that to fit in, one must be computer literate! It is an open secret that there is ever growing demand among all professions to employ computing skills in order to improve performance and efficiency at all levels of organization operations. Uwezo College upon realization of the need for IT skills necessary in all spheres of live has come with professional courses aimed at equipping the students to be more than a user. In addition they have come up courses that are aimed at conferring basic skills such as computer packages. Indeed Students in all study disciplines are expected to undergo this course if they don’t have a certificate for the same from reputable colleges. To this end our programs are designed to achieve the following objectives;

  • Assist beginners in becoming proficient users of computers and related ICT equipment (eg printers)
  • Equip students with necessary knowledge and exposure to be able to pass National Exams from KNEC
  • Enable student to make positive contributions to community and society by applying skills and abilities learned
  • Prepare students who plan to pursue their studies to graduate courses
  • Prepare students to make decisions related to work that demonstrate understanding of the importance of being an ethical computing professional
  • Equip students to apply communication skills to effectively promote ideas, goals or products


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