School Of Social And Community Development

Uwezo College from the outset identified social work and community development as an area lacking in properly trained professionals based on a number of media reports on mistreatment of the sick, elderly, special needs children, HIV aids victims etc Social and Community Development is a course that covers a wide range of contemporary subjects and topics. What these things have in common is that they will help one to tackle the social problems that matter most such as homelessness, drug-use, violence, mental health, and many more. Social workers are responsible for helping individuals, families, and groups of people to cope with problems they're facing to improve their patients' lives. One aspect of this is teaching skills and developing mechanisms for patients to rely on to better their lives and experiences. Community development usually has three major elements:

(a) community members' well-being or welfare involving both material sufficiency and non-economic aspects of living such as health and education;

(b) resource development, involving increased production and efficiency; and

(c) organizational development, Upon completion of the prescribed course of study for Diploma in Community Development and Social Work the graduate will have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to:

• Use development knowledge skills and abilities attained to support Development organizations control principles and procedures;

• Describe development concepts, principles and procedures in development organisations

• Select and apply development paradigms in appropriate development situations;

• Apply various development skills to solve problems in various economics, political and social areas …for more information

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