Craft Home Care Management

Craft Home Care Management (HCM) is offered as a CERTIFICATE course examined by Uwezo College. A certificate of completion is issues upon completion of this course. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

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Entry Requirements

KCSE certificate

Duration: 3 Months

Delivery Method: Both Online & Physical

Fee Structure

Course Fee Breakdown

Full Course Fees
Registration FeeKES 1,000.00
E-Learning FeeKES 1,000.00
Tuition FeeKES 27,000.00
Examination and Certification FeeKES 1,000.00
Total: KES 30,000.00

Exam Fee Breakdown

Full Exam Fees
Total: KES 25,000.00

Other Mandatory Course Requirements


Course Units/Overview

Trimester 1
HCMCertificate In Home Care Management

Course Description

Home Care Management Certificate Course

Uwezo College prides itself as being the best college that offers Home Care Management Course that is meticulously designed to empower individuals aspiring to excel in the field of home-based care services. This comprehensive 5-month program, offered through a combination of theoretical learning and practical training, focuses on providing the essential skills and knowledge required for effective home care management.

Minimum Requirement:

Prospective students are not required to possess any prior educational qualifications but should have a passion for caregiving and a commitment to learning.

Course Modules:

The course is for individuals who would want to work as professional Home care givers in the following fields;

  1. Food nutrition and meal preperation
  2. Working with children, the sick and the elderly
  3. Working effectively with homecare clients
  4. Laundry and Housekeeping
  5. Family spending and bugetting
  6. Safety, Hygiene and Injury prevention

Throughout the course, students engage in practical sessions and theoretical studies, gaining insights into various aspects of home care management. They learn to provide compassionate care, administer medication, create care plans, and communicate effectively with both patients and their families.

Successful completion of the Certificate Course in Home Care Management equips individuals with the necessary skills to excel in providing high-quality home-based care services. Graduates emerge as compassionate and efficient home care managers capable of addressing the diverse needs of patients and their families.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates are prepared for roles such as Home Care Manager, Care Coordinator, Personal Care Aide, or Home Health Assistant in healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, hospices, and home care agencies.

Enroll in Uwezo College's Certificate Course in Home Care Management and embark on a fulfilling journey to become a skilled and compassionate professional in providing home-based care services. Join us to acquire the expertise needed to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need of care.

Course Instructor(s)


Examining Body

Uwezo College


What are the requirements for registration/admission as a student?

  1. KCSE result slip or certificate or Equivalent
  2. National ID Card or Birth certificate
  3. Email Address

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