Certified Information System Administrator

Certified Information System Administrator (CISA) is offered as a CERTIFICATE course examined by Uwezo College. A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of this course. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

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Entry Requirements

Basics in programming

Duration: 3 Months

Delivery Method: Both Online & Physical

Fee Structure

Course Fee Breakdown

Other Mandatory Course Requirements

To study this course, you will be rquired to be in possession of the following:

  • A laptop

Course Units/Overview

  • Foundations of Information Systems
  • System Administration
  • Security in Information Systems
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Course Description

Certified Information Systems Administrator Course

Uwezo College is the best college offering Certified Information Systems Administrator courses. We provide the most flexible teaching methods like online, distance learning, blended learning as well as physical learning. Embark on a transformative journey into information systems administration with our Certified Information Systems Administrator (CISA) Course at Uwezo College. Whether you opt for online or face-to-face training, this intensive 3-month program is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, providing essential skills vital for navigating the intricate landscape of information systems.

Minimum Requirement:

Prospective students must hold a KCSE certificate for enrollment in this course.

Course Modules:

  • Foundations of Information Systems: Understanding system architectures, databases, and information management.
  • System Administration: Configuring and managing enterprise-level systems and services.
  • Security in Information Systems: Implementing robust measures to safeguard against cyber threats.
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization: Exploring cloud-based technologies and virtualized environments.

Throughout the course, students delve into the core principles of information systems administration, gaining hands-on experience in setting up, maintaining, and securing complex systems. They learn to design resilient architectures, fortify systems against cyber threats, and harness the power of cloud computing and virtualization for efficient operations.

Successful completion of the Certified Information Systems Administrator Course empowers participants with highly sought-after skills. Graduates emerge proficient in system administration, well-versed in cybersecurity protocols, and adept in leveraging cloud technologies for organizational growth.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates are well-positioned for roles such as Information Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Cybersecurity Specialist, or Cloud Solutions Architect. Employment prospects span across IT departments in corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, and tech-driven enterprises.

Enroll in Uwezo College's Certified Information Systems Administrator Course and embark on a career in information systems administration, supported by our commitment to delivering comprehensive and practical education in this field.

Course Instructor(s)


Examining Body

Uwezo College


What are the requirements for registration/admission as a student?

  1. KCSE result slip or certificate or Equivalent
  2. National ID Card or Birth certificate
  3. Email Address

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